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Build-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi 3 Model Retro (NES Inspired) Gaming Bundle

Build-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi 3 Model Retro (NES Inspired) Gaming Bundle
Build-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi 3 Model Retro (NES Inspired) Gaming Bundle Build-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi 3 Model Retro (NES Inspired) Gaming Bundle
The baddest gaming device you can buy!
Get your hands on the best retro gaming machine you can buy with our Raspberry Pi 3 Model B retro gaming kit in a range of options.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell ROMS or the Retro Pie Emulator with this console so you will have to burn your own to an SD card image and install your own emulators which you can find free online. Here is the link to the install here.

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Buy Build-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi 3 Model Retro (NES Inspired) Gaming Bundle

What's Included:
  • Latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (64bit Quad Core, 1GB RAM)
  • 2x USB Gamepad / Controller ("SNES" Style)
  • 16GB Class 10 MicroSD (blank - see below!)
  • MicroSD > USB adapter
  • USB Power plug Adaper
  • Black Raspberry Pi 3 Case
  • HDMI cable
  • FREE stickers!
This is one of the best retro gaming packs you can buy!
What you can do:
Get our retro gaming DIY kit and build you own retro gaming console. The kit comes with different bundles and you can add your own games and other popular software including Kodi, Android and Windows 10. Check below to see what this excellent retro gaming pack has to offer.
Upload your own ROMS
Our retro gaming machine allows you to upload your own ROMS and play as many games as you like. Gone are the days of changing cartridges everytime you want to play new games. Now all you need to do is burn a ROM image to an SD card and install it on the device. Once you have done this you can use popular emulators like Mame and RetroPie to play thousands of your favourite games. If you don't know how to burn an ISO Rom you can find instructions online how to do it. Please Note: That we do not supply ROMS or any other emulators such as RetroPie with this retro gaming kit and you will either have to buy or install your own. You can find the link to the install here.
The possiblities are endless with this fantastic gaming kit. You can play games from many different emulators that support many of the best retro gaming consoles such as Sega, Atari, Nintendo and more. In fact you can play thousands of games using this brilliant Raspberry Pi kit and have hours of endless fun.
Check out DrewTalks video here on installing your own ROMs


Add your own Emulators
You can add many emulators to this retro gaming DIY kit including Mame and Retro Pie. These emulators allow you to play thousands of arcade and retro gaming classics including popular consoles such as Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and many more including up to 50 consoles. Once you have added your emulator you can browse through your games by selecting your favourite console. Then you can choose from thousands of available titles. Retro Pie can support over 50 retro gaming consoles from Sega to Atari and Nintendo, you can see the full list here.
Mame is one of the best retro gaming emulators and is free to download and use. Mame allows you to play all of your favourite arcade games and supports thousands of different titles. To use Mame you simply install it on your retro gaming bundle and then download and install the ROMS you want to play. You can find pre-loaded SD cards for sale on eBay or you can download it directly here.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not include any emulator software with this product and you will have to add your own via SD card. You can burn the emulators and games yourself with the SD card included or you can buy one online from eBay preloaded with your favourite games and emulators. You can download and install Retro Pie here. You can use Mame with the Retro Pie emulator.
Android 6.0
You can add the latest version of Android to the console and play Android games and browse through your favourite apps. You can use the Raspberry Pi console to do anything you would on a normal Android phone including answering your emails and browsing the internet. You can also make skype calls and normal telephone calls. Instructions for adding Android can be found here.
Kodi (XMBC)
Kodi is the best media centre you can find. Kodi allows you to add all of your favourite moves and music and play them on your TV with the click of a button. You can watch all you favourite movies and listen to the best music from the comfort of your armchair without having to switch on the stereo or turning on a DVD. You can also add many plugins to enhance the user experience of Kodi which can be found online here. You can be Youtube, Sound Cloud, Plex plus thousands of popular radio stations. If you enjoy retro gaming then you can also add your own controller profiles here. Kodi is a versatile media centre that you can add any apps to including Facebook! Take a look at the addons you can use to realize the full potential of this retro gaming console. You can find information on installing Kodi here and you can download it here.
Windows 10 IOT
If you are a big Windows user and prefer to use Microsofts operating sytem over Andriod for work and play then you can also install Windows 10 IOT onto our retro gaming bundle. Windows will allow you to answer emails, access desktop applications and browse the internet although you won't be able to rund more powerful software as the RAM of the the Raspberry PI is only 1GB. This make our retro gaming bundle extremely flexible as you can play retro games in HTML that you might have stored on your PC. You can find details for installing Windows 10 IOT on Raspberry Pi here.


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