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Nintendo DS/DSi Games

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Air Traffic Controller (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview Do you have the nerves to be an air traffic controller and manage a myriad of takeof..
Emily the Strange Strangerous (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview Emily the Strange “Strangerous” for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi is a puzz..
£19.99 £9.99
Hidden Photo (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview The first and ONLY game to make such innovative and full use of the Nintendo DSi Cam..
Just Sing (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview So you think you’re a bit of a diva, eh? Who doesn’t! There’s only one Lady Ga..
Mechanic Master 2 (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview Use your Nintendo DS stylus to place objects on the screen, then hit “play” to l..
Winter Sports 2012 (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview Winter Sports 2012 gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement..
£13.99 £7.99
Angel Cat Sugar (Nintendo DS)
Overview Step into the magical world of Angel Cat Sugar as this kind and loving cat - a..
£19.99 £6.99
Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond (Nintendo DS)
Overview Upon arriving in Amsterdam you sense a mystery in the air! The dark influe..
Diva Girls: Diva Ballerina (Nintendo DS)
Overview The Diva Girls - Kelly, Gabrielle, Madison and Alyssa - are back an..
Diva Girls: Making the Music (Nintendo DS)
Overview In this new instalment of the Diva Girls, the four friends t..
Diva Girls: Princess On Ice 2 (Nintendo DS)
Overview The Diva Girls are skating back onto Nintendo DS. Cute Kelly, sassy M..
Emily the Strange 'Strangerous' Limited Edition (Nintendo DS/DSi Game)
Overview “Strangerous” for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi is a puzzle and adventure story based..
Farm Frenzy 3 (Nintendo DS)
Overview In what is already the third edition of this world renowned series,..
Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove (Nintendo 3DS)
Overview Upon arriving in Amsterdam you sense a mystery in the air! The dark influe..
Garfield Gets Real (Nintendo DS)
Overview Gabrielle's having a bad day. She sneezed her soul right out of her body! ..
Golden Bird of Paradise (Nintendo DS)
Overview A new golden adventure awaits search for mysteries and reveal another lege..
Hello Kitty - Happy Party (Nintendo DS)
Overview Join Hello Kitty and her friends for a Happy party and have some fun! Get ..
Heroes of Hellas 2 (Nintendo DS)
Overview Ancient Greece is a civilization of heroes and gods. Do you have what it t..
Jewel Quest 5 Sleepless Star (Nintendo DS)
Overview The latest instalment in the incredibly successful Jewel Quest series, Jewel Que..
Just Sing 2 (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview The signature ‘Just Sing’ franchise gameplay partnered with an entirely new range of..
£14.99 £4.99
Lost Treasures of Alexandria (Nintendo DS)
Overview A mystery is buried within the sands of time and is waiting to be discover..
Mind, Body & Soul: MinDStorm II (Nintendo DS)
Overview Get those cogs turning all over again! The sequel to the best-selling MinDS..
£14.99 £2.49
Monster Bomber (Nintendo DS)
Overview The planet is in danger! A group of kamikaze explosive aliens are att..
£9.99 £2.99
Natalie Brooks - The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom (Nintendo DS)
Overview Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom has no problems get..
Phil Taylor's Power Darts (Nintendo DS)
Overview Welcome to the wacky world of Phil Taylor's Power Play Darts. If you ..
£9.99 £4.99
Playmobil Top Agents (Nintendo DS/DSi)
Overview The “spy Team” (the good) and the “Psycho Robots” (the evil) are struggling for worl..
Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer (Nintendo DS)
Overview Help rookie FBI Agent Jennifer Lourdes, and veteran detective Alan Mi..
Reel Fishing Paradise (Nintendo 3DS)
Overview Travel to over a dozen stunning fishing locales in your quest to beco..
Rise of the Guardians (Nintendo DS)
Overview Let your imagination soar in Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game as you play a..
£8.49 £7.99
Spellbound 2 (Nintendo DS)
Overview Spellbound 2 is the sequel to the highly popular spelling game Spellb..
Vampire Mansion - Linda Hyde (Nintendo DS)
Overview Linda Hyde is an inquisitive historical journalist investigating a ca..
Victorious - Hollywood Arts Debut (Nintendo DS)
Overview Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut for the Nintendo DS will immer..
Victorious - Taking the Lead (Nintendo DS)
Overview Victorious: Taking the Lead fulfills every Victorious fa..
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