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Controller Adapters

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Atari Controller to PC USB Adapter - Dual Port
Controller Adapter USB Cable for Atari Controllers Use your official or after-market Atari controllers on your PC USB cable length: 3.5 feet .. See Full Details
GBA to SNES Adapter Super Retro Advance
  Play original GBA® game cartridges directly on the SNES® or any third party 16-bit console! The Super Retro® Advance Adapter by Retro-bit® comes outfitted with a GBA® link cable port (link cable sold separately) for connection of up to 3 Game .. See Full Details
Megadrive / Genesis to SNES Cartridge Adapter RetroGEN
Who ever mentioned Megadrive / Genesis was outdated? If you have an SNES Console or another third party 16-bit system, you are able to today relive the Megadrive / Genesis days with all the RetroGen Adapter by Retro-bit! Just insert the RetroGen A.. See Full Details
Moga Ace Controller Including 1800mAh Battery - Play & Charge
  Play longer with built-in battery charging   Extend your gaming time and keep your battery topped up while you play with our exclusive battery-boosting technology. With a built-in 1800 mAh internal battery, Moga Ace Power makes.. See Full Details
£17.99 £12.99
N64 Adapter | Controller to PC USB Converter | 2 Ports
Connect your Nintendo 64™ joypads to your PC USB port. All buttons are supported, perfect for any emulation program but also works with any modern PC game. It allows you to play all PC games designed to be played with joysticks. Really plug and play, it .. See Full Details
NES to SNES Cartridge RetroPort Adapter Retro-Bit
Dust off your NES Games if you have a SNES Console or another 3rd party console that plays 16-bit games! Introducing the RetroPort Adapter by Retro- Bit! Now you can make good use of the NES games you recently found in your garage. Relive your glory davs.. See Full Details
SNES Controller to PC/MAC USB Adapter Dual Port
Retro gaming on your PC and Mac never felt so genuine! This dual adapter allows you to play your favorite old-school games by using your original or third-party SNES controllers via USB. Take on a one or two-player game virtually anywhere in the room by ext.. See Full Details
SNES to PC USB Controller Adapter | Tomee
The Tomee SNES to PC Controller Adapter adds a SNES port to your PC, allowing you to connect any SNES controller to your computer to play your favourite games. Compatible with all SNES Controllers 1'5" in length 7-pin SNES controller .. See Full Details
Street Fighter V Thumb Grips
Get the control and precision you need to annihilate and humiliate your foes with these Official Street Fighter V Thumb Grips. This pack comes with two sets of thumb grips, “Ryu red” gives you enhanced precision for pulling off those tricky combos while .. See Full Details
Wii Adapter 2 in 1 Retro Adapter - Use Your NES/SNES Controller
Allows you to connect your NES/SNES controller to your Wii Connects through the Gamecube port on your Wii system Compatible with offical and 3rd party controllers   .. See Full Details
£14.99 £7.99
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